Still Life with Woodpecker, Tom Robbins

A friend recommended this book to me after I told him about the ginger project.
How fitting that there is a book dedicated to gingers trying to take over the world. Wonderful 🙂
Here are some interesting excerpts about red heads from the book:
“The Twelve Most Famous Redheads:
  1. Lucille Ball, comedienne
  2. Gen. George Custer, military maverick
  3. Lizzie Borden, hatchetwoman
  4. Thomas Jefferson, revolutionary
  5. Red Skelton, comic
  6. George Bernard Shaw, playwright
  7. Judas Iscariot, informer
  8. Mark Twain, humorist
  9. Woody Allen, humorist
  10. Margaret Sanger, feminist
  11. Edna St. Vincent Millay, libertine poet
  12. Bernard Mickey Wrangler, bomber
From this list, the analytically minded might conclude that persons with red hair tend to be either dangerous or funny”. (p. 45)
“…on the planet Argon redheads were considered evil…’Red hair is caused by sugar and lust… Highly evolved beings do not indulge in sugar and lust'”. (p. 55)
“His hair was red then, red being the colour of emergency and roses; red being the prelate’s top and the baboon’s bottom; red being the blood’s colour, jelly’s colour; red maddening the bull; red being the colour of valentines, of left-handedness, and of a small princess’s newfound guilty hobby. His hair was red, his cowboy boots muddy, his heart a hive of musical bees”. (p. 57)
“The hair of most so-called redheads is actually orange, but it was red, first colour in the spectrum and the last seen by the eyes of the dying, it was true-blue red that clanged like fire bells about the domes of Bernard Mickey Wrangle and Princess Leigh-Cheri”. (p. 99)
Robbins, T. Still Life With Woodpecker, Bantam Dell, New York, 1980

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