Ginger tally = 505


Press Release: Global Call to Gingers to ‘be collected’

For Immediate Release: Global Call to Gingers to ‘be collected’ Gingers (aka redheads) across the globe have the opportunity to become part of the largest archive of gingers the world has ever seen.  Johannesburg, South Africa, 27 January 2016 – Renowned South African artist, Anthea Pokroy started photographing, interviewing and cataloguing gingers in 2010. After […]


Global Call for Gingers to ‘be collected’

ATTENTION GINGERS AROUND THE GLOBE! After some time engaged with other projects, I am back at collecting gingers! I have collected 500 gingers so far (since 2010), the majority of which are from South Africa and a few from other parts of the world when I photographed at Redhead Days in Breda in 2012. You have been […]


I collect gingers Book on SALE!

Its been a year since my exhibition opened and the launch of my book in January 2013! I still have a few copies left! In celebration of this, I am offering a discount on a personalised signed copy of the book for only R150 or $15 (excl. shipping) Please CLICK HERE to place your order. […]


Collecting Australian Gingers…

After almost a full year of not photographing gingers (a break, I guess, after 3 years and the whirlwind that was my exhibition in Jan), I am going to have ginger shoots in Australia! I am here to visit my brother and sister in Sydney and aunts and cousins in Melbourne and thought it would […]


TEDxJohannesburg video

On 18 August 2013 I was invited to give a TED talk at TEDxJohannesburg. It was the scariest thing I have ever done – but an amazing and rewarding experience too! The talk deals with anecdotes of being a redhead and the real concept and meaning behind the project. I would love to hear what […]


I collect gingers at TEDxJohannesburg

I am very excited and honoured that I have been invited to talk about I collect gingers at TEDxJohannesburg on Thurs 15 Aug.TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks are a global set of conferences, under the slogan “ideas worth spreading”. TEDx are smaller, local conferences that happen in cities all over the world. Check out the […]


Ginger Classification System

As part of my imagined narrative of a ‘ginger utopia’, I decided that it was human nature to ‘other’ and create hierarchy and difference. So, even in a single-raced world, there would always be the need for humanity to say ‘I am more ginger than you’ – to create sub-classifications. In my exhibition, the 500 […]


Manifesto of Gingers

Manifesto of Gingers We, the natural gingers of the world, hereby declare the following principles as part of the forthcoming revolution: – We strive for a ginger utopia. A world where red headed people, not only are not ridiculed and ostracised, but where our tonal superiority is envied and celebrated. Our status and privilege will […]


Photos from Exhibition at Speke Photographic/ CIRCA on jellicoe



I collect gingers Exhibition, Jan 2013

PRESS RELEASE ‘I COLLECT GINGERS’ A SOLO EXHIBITION BY ANTHEA POKROY CIRCA on Jellicoe / SPEKE Photographic, Johannesburg, South Africa 17 January – 2 March 2013 Anthea Pokroy has been collecting gingers since 2010.  Two and a half years and 500 gingers later, the red-headed Johannesburg-based artist and photographer will be presenting her debut solo […]


Crowdfunding Campaign, Nov 2012

With my forthcoming exhibition in Jan 2013, I decided that I really wanted to produce a book or catalogue to accompany the show. I knew that many of the participants from outside of Johannesburg would be unable to attend the exhibition and I really wanted everyone to be able to ‘experience’ the exhibition – even […]


A ginger utopia in the Netherlands

On Sunday 2 September 2012 I was surrounded by thousands of gingers. It was beautiful, strange and surreal. I felt like I was in a science fiction movie – something like Gattaca. A ginger utopia. I recently travelled to Breda, a small city a few hours away from Amsterdam in the Netherlands for the Redhead Days festival […]


I collect gingers at Red Head Days in the Netherlands!

I am going to the Netherlands to collect more gingers! The Red Head Days in Breda takes place on the weekend of 2 September 2012 and they are expecting over 5000 gingers to attend! After much deliberation, I have decided that this is an amazing opportunity for I collect gingers to get international exposure, to […]


A brief history

There is a group of people living amongst us. The first evidence of them can be found 600,000 years ago – 400,000 years before modern man’s entry into the world. They are found on all continents. They appear with all skin tones. They can be male or female, tall or short, fat or thin. Many […]


300th ginger wins a prize!!

Ciara McCullough has won a prize for being the 300th ginger in the ginger collection!!!                     She has won a SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade™ flash drive, courtesy of I collect gingers’ sponsor Tudortech. The SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade™ USB flash drive is the small, swift way to save and transfer your digital content from […]


Video interview with Die Burger


I collect gingers is heading to Cape Town!

Yay! Finally after photographing 200 gingers in JHB, I am finally going national! I will be having a two day photoshoot in Cape Town on Sat 7 and Sun 8 January 2012. Please spread the word around the country for me. Gingers from all around SA can email me at as I will eventually […]


Latest Ginger Tally = 164

This weekend, 22 and 23 October, I shot a record number of gingers – 40 over 2 days! Next lot of photos to be uploaded asap. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to be notified about when they are up! ginger love x


Ginger tally = 107

37 still to be uploaded… should do so in the next week or so!


Featured in Wanted Magazine, June 2011

article by Tabitha Lasley  


Featured in Fair Lady, June 2011



Mention in Fair Lady article on Red heads, May 2011


Artwork for Drakensberg Exhibition

This last weekend Assemblage was invited to exhibit at the Smoking Dragon Women’s Festival at the Amphitheatre Backpackers in the Drakensberg. 10 female Assemblage artists participated, including myself. These are the works that I exhibited. Each strip is 1.1 metres long by 11 cm high. Titles: Strawberry Blonde to Titian Orange to Copper Red to […]


The Ginger Revolution

A collaboration between myself, Nicole Ackermann and Dianne Silva. Produced in Oct/Nov 2010.


The Ginger Gathering

On Friday 25th March, at the Assemblage Launch exhibition, 7 Gingers gathered for 15 minutes in a ‘Ginger Only’ rectangle. Photograph by: Dirk Chalmers


Ginger Flash Mob, 25 March 2011

I am organising a ginger flash mob on Friday evening 25th March at an art exhibition in Main Street Life in Johannesburg (address below). What is a Flash Mob? A Flash Mob is a term coined in 2003 to denote a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and […]


Interview with Secret City Project

On Sunday 12th Dec 2010, I was picked up by Mike Sharman and Chris Kerr-Peterson, from Secret City Projects in a MINI Countryman to be interviewed about the icollectgingers project. Check it out… Make sure to visit Secret City Project and Mike Sharman‘s blogs to see the interesting things they get up to.


Gingers in a MINI

On Friday 29th November, I attended the MINI Countryman launch. Myself and 2 other gingers, Jena Dover and Saul Stark, (and some cans of Fanta orange) were guests of MINI spokesperson Sias du Plessis (legendary ginger). We were dressed in I <3 Gingers, 100% Ginger, Ginger Like me, Ginga Ninja t-shirts, and the 4 of […]


Ginger tally=44

44 gingers photographed in 6 shoots. Next shoot will be in Jan 2010. Contact me if you are ginger or know gingers!


Update: Ginger tally = 29

So far, I have photographed 29 gingers (including myself) in the course of 4 shoots. I have only uploaded images from the first 3 shoots at this point… 4th shoot photos will come this week. The blog will only feature one photo of each ginger. I will upload more photos on to Flickr as soon […]


Stills from Ginger Film

A collaboration with Nicole Ackermann and Dianne Silva


Still Life with Woodpecker, Tom Robbins

A friend recommended this book to me after I told him about the ginger project. How fitting that there is a book dedicated to gingers trying to take over the world. Wonderful Here are some interesting excerpts about red heads from the book: “The Twelve Most Famous Redheads: Lucille Ball, comedienne Gen. George Custer, military […]


Wikipedia definition: Red hair

Red hair (also referred to as titian or ginger hair) varies from a deep burgundy through burnt orange to bright copper. It is characterized by high levels of the reddish pigment pheomelanin and relatively low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. People with red hair are often referred to as redheads or gingers. Approximately 1% […]


Ginger Kids, South Park episode

Watch the episode at this link: Some interesting lines from the episode: ‘The only way to fight hate is with more hate’ ‘Gingers are the chosen people, the chosen race’ ‘Exterminate every child not ginger’


An amazing red head

One of my favourite red heads… Florence and the Machines And… an AWESOME song! Dog days are over I was actually first introduced to this song by a random acquaintance sending me a link saying I look like her (not at all true though!).


Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger


Is Gingerism the last acceptable form of prejudice?

Check out this article


My favourite photo from 1st ginger shoot