Press Release: Global Call to Gingers to ‘be collected’

For Immediate Release:

Global Call to Gingers to ‘be collected’

Gingers (aka redheads) across the globe have the opportunity to become part of the largest archive of gingers the world has ever seen. 

Johannesburg, South Africa, 27 January 2016 – Renowned South African artist, Anthea Pokroy started photographing, interviewing and cataloguing gingers in 2010. After 3 years of ‘collecting’ this minority group of people, Pokroy, a ginger herself, exhibited her first 500 subjects in a solo exhibition entitled, ‘I collect gingers’. The exhibition took place at a leading Johannesburg gallery, CIRCA. It was lauded by the local community and gained traction through social media as well as through local and international press.

Since the exhibition she has received thousands of requests from gingers from all over the world asking how they could become part of the collection. She explains, “This inspired me to take the movement global in an endeavor to further explore the complexities of collective identity and ‘otherness’, as well as the obscurities of racial profiling. I am attempting to interrogate the process of inclusion – and exclusion – that emerges from categorizing people. As I myself am a ginger, this is my starting point to engage in this conversation.”

Pokroy aims to expand her study by inviting gingers from around the world to participate. Gingers will now be able to become a part of her well-known collection in 3 easy steps:

  • First, they will need to send a passport photo of themselves by post to Pokroy
  • Second, they should complete an online questionnaire about being ginger
  • The third step is optional – Pokroy asks participants to send a voice note speaking about their experience of being ginger

For the detailed steps on how to ‘be collected’, please visit

Once all the steps have been completed, and in return for participating in the project, gingers will receive via post, a certified copy of their own personalized ginger identity card signed by the artist.

“I see what I am doing as an almost anthropological study into a group of people with a shared, yet random, characteristic. My project suggests that hair becomes another coordinate from which we are able to create personal and collective identities and narratives. The collected photos, data and sound from hundreds, or hopefully thousands, of gingers will be collated to form part of my next solo exhibition,” concludes Pokroy.



Further information:

Follow @icollectgingers on Facebook & Instagram to see the progress of the project and use the hashtags #icollectgingers #thegingerarchive #gingerindex to join the conversation.

For the detailed steps on how to ‘be collected’, please visit

For more information about the project please visit

Click here for media coverage on the project

Click here to see Pokroy’s talk at TedxJohannesburg

For media enquiries please contact:

Anthea Pokroy







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