Is Gingerism the last acceptable form of prejudice?

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  1. James Kendall 18/05/2014 at 13:15 #

    No, gingerism isn’t dead and that’s sad. My worse gingerism story came when I was in elementary school here in West Virginia (USA). I was in second grade and in my small school (25 children per class), and the only ginger. With no other minorities, guess who got the focus?
    During one class, the teacher walked out for a moment and one of the girls started to make fun of my hair. Mostly she called me the classic carrot top stuff which isn’t bad by adult standards but when the whole class joined in, it was terrible for a kid. Suddenly the teacher came back in and started to yell at the class to stop. I was so scared because, obviously this was all my fault for being a ginger. If I wasn’t then the other kids wouldn’t have started.

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