Crowdfunding Campaign, Nov 2012

With my forthcoming exhibition in Jan 2013, I decided that I really wanted to produce a book or catalogue to accompany the show. I knew that many of the participants from outside of Johannesburg would be unable to attend the exhibition and I really wanted everyone to be able to ‘experience’ the exhibition – even if it was just between two covers.

Printing a book is ridiculously expensive, I was to discover. I needed about R100,000 to produce a hard-cover ‘coffee-table’ book.

So… I embarked on a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to help me raise the money to produce the book!

Crowdfunding is online fundraising platform which encourages people to support projects through contributing whatever they can (range of levels from $1 to $1000) AND they get something in return for their contribution (“perk”) that is related to the project. I love crowdfunding – it really allows otherwise impossible projects to become a reality! It did for me! Also check out Kickstarter for other awesome crowdfunding projects.

Click here to see my pitch and campaign, even though it is over:

At the end of the day, although I did not meet my goal, I still managed to raise an amazing $4,865. Which after commission and the exchange rate equaled about R37,000. This has allowed my to produce a smaller, soft cover book for the exhibition.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the campaign and made the book a reality!

Special thanks to contributors:

David Higgins, Annabel Slingsby, Amanda Sevasti, Tess van den Heuvel, Lori Gilson, Elizabeth Callinicos, Scott Harris, Kat Ackermann, Michael Bester, Rebecca Harvie, Linda Schnaid, Ulrike Schwärzer, Claudine Ullman, Monica Machial, Barbara, Hesti Gerber, Vaughn Glover, Meredith Pickering, Kerstin Hinck, Josh Blumberg, Taryn Marcus, Kim Lieberman, Kirsten Scott, Bradley Krom, Kathleen Faling, Cindy Myers, Glenda Preskow, Adie & Barry Friedman, Pieter van Zyl , Helene Tournier, Mary Agnew, Gillian Hefer, Bev Butkow, Jake Toloso, Kara Stoler, Dwaine Duthie, Simon Nygaard Jensen, Caryn Janit, Christopher Griffin, Candice Holdsworth, Leonard Preskow, Jenette Reitsma, Sean van der Westhuizen, Grace Jones, Stephanie Ferent, Janet Peace, Christine Shaw, David Pastoll, Carey Stevens, Julian Machill, Daniel Herman, Janrik Oberholzer, Aimee Pullon, Victoria Hall, Monique Ireland, Lehlogonolo Mashaba,, Philippa Levitt, Tanna Behrmann, Andrew May, Michael Youngs, Julia Mundy, Johanna Williams, Shira Brett, Kuven Mudly, Warren Preskow, Daniel Barnett, Lynne Correia, Linda Levenberg, Louise vd Bijl, Samantha Pokroy, Nicole Levenberg, Joelle Horn, Pamela Pokroy, Benji Shulman, Nadine Butler, Graeme Watt, Christa Roux, Jaco Groenewald, Neelan Pather, Ariel Kolin, Michael Allen, David Dini, Raymond Noppe, Rob Urry, Chantal Mostert, Tony Lankester, Jessica Shailes, Cameron McAlpine, Rainer Dreyer, Greg Borman, Caley Schnaid, Jessica Lutrin, Jeffrey Bruce-Brand, Lee Fraser, Jim Simpson, Carroll Foster, Christine Paulet, Chantal de Paus, Eddie Edwards, Estelle Terblanche, P J Klopper, Karen Liebenberg, Taneel Korkie, Jenni Fine, Sharon Hopkirk, Karen Brooks, Rafael Burde, Bart Rouwenhorst, Ronald Overwater, Michael Lahmann, Shaun Melass, Chris Janes, Julie Tritten, Gilbert Pooley, Rael Cline, Craig Pokroy, Benon Lutaaya, Lesley Cohen, Meryl Millar <3


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  1. Frat 22/01/2013 at 14:48 #

    Very well done Anthea! 😀 Super stoked for you, spreading word whenever I meet gingers hahaha.

    Much love.

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